There isn’t much to it. I’m a bass player and I print the kind of media people take notes in. Red Music Books started as a consequence of going into Guitar Center and finding poorly printed, extremely expensive books that just didn’t suit my needs. I found books with pages that tore out of rusty ring bound miniature notepads that had been on the shelves so long they had dust on them. Lines on the pages in most books were too close to write in or on the other side, the books were designed for children and had staves so big you couldn’t get a passage or a single system on a page. I decided to make my own.

With time, I was asked to make some for a friends school, then another person’s studio, and so on. It was decided, we’d just make one for everyone who asked, and that’s when the first high school came. We made Orchestra style books to their design. The catalog grew, and we came online.

I was finding that people liked a cheap enough book that held the pages in and was easy to write in, so as the online sales demand grew, and some mom and pop retailers started carrying them, I went to Guitar Center and offered them my books. Their response was, “No thanks on the sale, but thanks for the idea, we’ll make our own.”

About 6 months later they made the Pro Line Red Notebooks and pushed them throughout their stores. A garbage book with lines so close you can’t write in them, 24 pages in total and staples to hold the pages in for about a week of use a before they fall apart. Good job Garbage Center! To their dismay, the Pro’s didn’t like “Pro Line,” people continued buying my books. So in 2020, I revamped the website, lowered the cost of books and ramped up delivery. The books have been $9.99 on Amazon for years, but now, through the Red Music website, all books are just $7.50 and all orders, regardless of size, ship for just $5.95.

I hope that helps musicians out a bit, hit the Contact Page if you need assistance. I’m here to help you keep writing awesome music!

… oh, and to answer the question, why are they red? All the other books in my studio weren’t red, so these would be easy to spot. There you go.

~ Joe